Friday, April 1, 2016

The Scavenger (Part 3)

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"So you want to see my junkyard?" asked Feikung after they were out of earshot of Ferald.

"Is that what you call it?" asked Renald cautiously.

"Well, that is what it is." Feikung led the way back into the complex of ruined concrete structures, in an area mostly overgrown by blackberries and Scotch broom. Following a twisting trail through the scrub, they arrived at a metal door set in the side of one of the more intact buildings. Feikung produced a key and unlocked the door, and smiled at Renald. "After you, sir."

Renald entered the building, and after his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, saw that he was in single large room, lit only by windows on the opposite wall. The windows looked out onto a large courtyard with a wall surrounding. Most astonishing, everywhere he looked, both in the room and out in the courtyard, were piles of computer equipment of every sort of description. "What is this place?" he asked in astonishment.

"This whole area used to be the campus of North Seattle College, back in the old days. As far as I can determine, when the Renunciation was proclaimed by the priestesses, some of the last scholars gathered everything electronic from the campus and stored it in here. I found it some years back, poking around in the ruins. There were radiation warning signs around this entire area, but I didn't find any evidence of radiation. I figure maybe the signs were used to scare away the priestesses, who would have destroyed all this stuff if they found it."

"All of this is just from one college?" The equipment was stacked nearly to the ceiling. "That's hard to imagine."

"Well, you have to remember the scale that people did things on in the old days. Also, the ubiquity of electronics. Everybody had them everywhere. So, do you think there is anything worth trading for here?"

"Is there ever . . ." Renald looked around, not entirely sure where to start. "You know, old man, this could be very profitable for both of us."

To be continued.

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