Thursday, May 26, 2016

About the Cascadia Guild

Currently, The Cascadia Guild is mostly just an idea. The idea is that it will be a society of those who can see the road that industrial civilization is heading down and want to do something constructive that, while it will not prevent the unraveling of our current civilization, will preserve some things of value from our culture and lay the groundwork for a rebirth of successor cultures and civilizations.

The work of The Cascadia Guild would be broken up into two broad areas, with a number of subordinate disciplines in each. These are:
  •  Craft Guilds
    • Organic Gardening
    • Solar Thermal Technology
    • Sustainable Forestry
    • Sustainable Health Care
    • Letterpress Printing
    • Electronics-free Mathematics
    • Sailing and Navigation
  • Arts Guilds
    • Performing Arts
    • Visual and Decorative Arts
    • Literary Arts
The original inspiration for the Craft Guilds was from John Michael Greer's post, Seven Sustainable Technologies, and I basically took that idea and ran with it (with a few modifications). The original inspiration for the Arts Guilds is The Dark Mountain Project, which is dedicated the idea that writing and art have a critical role to play in shaping our cultural response to the reality of our converging crises. The Arts Guilds differ from that project in two ways: first, The Dark Mountain Project is primarily a literary project, and I want to expand that to include a wider variety of artists; second, the other role I see for the Arts Guilds is to nurture a regional cultural identity distinct from that of our larger industrial civilization.

The Cascadia Guild has a regional name, and that is not an accident. Although many of these subject areas are relevant beyond the confines of Cascadia, one goal I have is to emphasize local and regional applicability of these various disciplines.

I envision The Cascadia Guild primarily as a network of practitioners in these various ideas. This blog, for now, can serve as a common meeting ground, but the actual work of the Guild is in actually learning about and participating in these areas. One of the main things I hope to see posted here is information about ways people can actually become involved in and participate in making these areas into living practices.

I personally am particularly interested and have some knowledge in the areas of Sailing and Navigation and in the Literary Arts (in my case, writing), and I will be posting primarily on those subjects. I am looking for others who would like to post about areas of their expertise as well.

As I mentioned, The Cascadia Guild at this point is mostly an idea. Bringing this idea to life will require the participation of others. I hope there are some out there who are interested.

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